Certified Billing Partners

BackChart® Integration with Certified Billing Partner Solutions

BackChart® offers specialized integrations with BackChart® Billing Partners that deliver a complete EHR and medical billing solution improving the way DCs can run their practice. Our current Billing Partners include Kareo and The Cvikota Company. Kareo is the leading in-house billing software solution. Cvikota is our premium outsourced billing service provider.

BackChart® will continue to develop Billing Partners and deliver high-quality integrations with other prevalent billing solutions.

Billing Software Partner

Kareo Logo At Kareo, we believe in small practices. We know small practices can do big things with the right tools and support. That’s where our cloud-based software and services come in. These solutions are helping more than 20,000 providers succeed.

It all starts with easy. That’s the essence of Kareo Practice Management (PM). We make it easier to run your small medical practice. With our simple to use, cloud-based solution, our intuitive software streamlines everything from scheduling and storing patient information, to sending insurance claims and collecting from payers. Also, Kareo now offers billing services. Our team of billing experts can increase your efficiency, take complicated billing issues off your plate, and improve your returns.

Kareo and BackChart's integration gives practice’s an affordable and easy to use medical office software platform designed for DCs. For more information, please visit  http://www.kareo.com/backchart-open-plan


Outsourced Billing Software Partner

The Cvikota CompanyThe Cvikota Company has been about the business of revenue cycle management ofr over 40 years. As a proven provider of medical billing services, practice management software, and electronic document storage, we bring to our business relationships a depth of knowledge available nowhere else. Hospital and clinic based practices alike rely on us as a trusted business partner. Can we put our practice management and revenue optimization expertise to work for you? Contact us today to find out more.

Integration with chiropractic & medical billing systems

If you are interested in finding out more about potential integrations with other billing companies, please contact us directly.