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Northwestern Health Sciences University Selects BackChart® for Electronic Health Record

Northwestern LogoNorthwestern Health Sciences University selected BackChart® for the electronic health record (EHR) that will be implemented in University clinics in 2012. As part of the agreement and BackChart®’s commitment to the growth of chiropractic and other natural health care professions, Northwestern graduates will receive fully-paid, royalty-free licensure to use BackChart® COS during their first year following graduation.

BackChart® COS (Chiropractic Office Solution) is a web-based EHR that has the capability to handle all the core business aspects from scheduling appointments to the scrubbing of billable procedures. Notable features include its cross platform web-browser based interface, quality assurance safeguards, outcomes measurement reporting, and Clinical WorkFlow™.

BackChart®’s Clinical WorkFlow™ was created as a tool to guide patient encounters. The Clinical WorkFlow™ is a user friendly interface that simplifies recording necessary data elements, provides Clinical Decision Support, and guides the clinical process – all in one place. This unique feature makes it easier for Eligible Providers to achieve Meaningful Use.

"We're looking forward to working with BackChart® as we implement an EHR for our clinics," said Craig Schulz, DC, MS, Associate Dean of Research and Director of Data Management for the Wolfe-Harris Center for Clinical Studies at Northwestern. "After an extensive product search, we believe the features and flexibility of the BackChart® solution are the best match for our needs, and will not only enhance our patient records, but will also be an educational tool for our students."

The BackChart® team is very excited to begin implementation at the Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2012. BackChart® founder Leo Bronston D.C. MAppSc, says "Overall, we believe BackChart® will help improve the student's educational experience and will provide a more seamless work flow at NWHSU clinics."




University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, Atheletic Education Training Program

University of Wisonsin - La Crosse Athletic LogoThe Athletic Training Education Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is unique in that it was the first nationally accredited educational program in the State of Wisconsin. As such, the faculty and clinical staff strives to be an important service component of the Intercollegiate Athletic Program, as well as expert instructors in the profession of athletic training and provide an important service component to the Intercollegiate Athletics Program. As an athletic training educational program it is vital that our students not only understand the value of athletic training, but experience athletic training in as close to a pure form as possible. The staff athletic trainers, therefore, uphold the ethical principles that guide athletic trainers as health care providers.