The key to EHR implementation success lies in selection

Which way should you go with chiropractic EHR software?

Which way should you go with chiropractic EHR software?

Are you considering a transition to chiropractic EHR? If so, you may well have a few reservations to overcome before committing to a specific provider and beginning the implementation process in earnest. In all honesty, given the number of physicians who rile against usability issues and other hiccups, you are more than justified in this initial hesitation.

To help with this process and assuage your concerns to some degree, the online media outlet MedCity News recently featured a step-by-step guide to successful EHR adoption. Though every practice is unique, and will therefore encounter its own array of challenges, this piece does provide an excellent bare-bones idea of what your implementation should look like.

The first and arguably most important step in this process is to select the best chiropractic EHR software for the size and scope of your practice.

"Do a detailed market survey of all available EHR solutions based on revenue enhancement, quality of care, operational efficiency, compliance, risk and liability etc," the source suggests. "You need to understand which areas will have the most significant impact on your practice workflows."

Once you have decided on your EHR provider, you can begin the process of preparing your practice with an in-depth project plan that includes training sessions, the distribution of responsibilities, any rehearsals before implementation and other steps to ensure that everyone is comfortable with chiropractic management software before the official go-live date.

If you've chosen your provider wisely, they should be able to provide ongoing support as you tackle implementation, offering training and responding quickly and comprehensively to any questions or concerns that arise as you become more familiar with your software. More often than not, success or failure in EHR adoption comes down to usability and guidance, so make sure your provider can deliver both.

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