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Data security is key to a well-functioning practice.

Slow and steady may be a good thing for health IT

Recently, Health IT Security spoke with Kimberly Gray, global chief privacy officer for a healthcare information services and technology company, who said that the push to adopt web based medical software has forced many providers to go back to the basics of making patient information security a top priority. Read More »

Farzad Mostashari spoke with the AAFP about getting the most out of EHRs.

What’s in it for doctors who adopt EHRs? Mostashari explains

Federal health officials behind the HITECH Act have stressed the forthcoming benefits of EHR adoption to skeptical physicians, noting that web based medical software is likely to result in a streamlined workflow and better patient care, ultimately cutting back on administrative and healthcare costs. Read More »

ICD-10 implementation shouldn't be seen as a chore.

How to deal with the influx of data from ICD-10

According to a report in EHR Intelligence, the ICD-10 update is nothing to be skimmed over, and practitioners should realize that it will ultimately help make information stored on chiropractic EHRs and other web based medical software easier to analyze and use in a meaningful way. Read More »