The role of chiropractic EHR providers in interoperability

Does your EHR provider support interoperability?

Does your EHR provider support interoperability?

As transformative as chiropractic EHR can be for the day-to-day administrative tasks within a practice, you aren't truly harnessing the benefits of digitized documents unless you can tap into the national network of health IT. It is this interoperability that enables healthcare providers to access comprehensive medical records for their patients and identify larger trends in specific communities and on a larger scale. Yet, not all chiropractic EHR software is created equal in this regard.

Recently, Dr. Doug Fridsma, chief science officer of the Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT (ONC), discussed the role of individual EHR providers in promoting interoperability. Speaking to the medical news outlet MedPage Today, Fridsma emphasized the ONC's commitment to working with vendors to achieve this goal.

"If we work with the industry, [EHR vendors] can not only take ownership of the problem, but be part of the solution," he argued.

Fridsma and his colleagues noted that the integration of EHR and other advancements in health IT must be horizontal as well as vertical to ensure compatibility and communication across the board. It is only by progressing as a whole that medical practitioners and their patients can fully tap into the benefits of this new string of innovations.

Ultimately, the best chiropractic EHR provider will prioritize usability and patient care, and this includes a commitment to interoperability within medical practices and the greater health care system. If you're in the market for chiropractic EMR software, don't hesitate to question your potential vendor about compatibility issues, as well as the amount of training and support provided pre- and post-sale. The responsiveness of your provider will not only help you make the most informed decision for your practice — it may also shed light on how your vendor of choice approaches customer service.

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