The work doesn’t stop at EHR adoption, experts warn

There are yet more benefits to reap from chiropractic EHR.

There are yet more benefits to reap from chiropractic EHR.

With the introduction of ICD-10 and the onset of meaningful use stage 2, many health care professionals are fixated on compliance requirements — and rightfully so. These converging changes will signify a substantial shift in the daily operations of practically every medical practice, and there will inevitably be growing pains.

However, the news outlet Government Health IT notes that EHR providers and physicians must look beyond these hurdles in initial implementation if the health care industry is truly poised for reform

"Even when the day of nearly ubiquitous EHR adoption comes, that will be the foundation on which the [United States] is computerizing and digitizing its health care system, a beginning rather than an endpoint," the source states.

Beyond the adoption of chiropractic EHR, the source argues that providers must continue to expand the boundaries of transparency for patients and medical professionals alike. This could be the only way to fully reap the benefits of digitization (and ultimately justify the costs). Citing a recent report from Accenture Group on the expansion of the EHR market, Government Health IT presented the argument that using these chiropractic management systems to expand access to medical records through mobile devices could be a boon for patients. This increased accessibility may also facilitate large-scale evaluations of health trends among various populations, as we've already seen with an ongoing study on multiple sclerosis

Given that the applications of chiropractic EHR are still poised to evolve, it's all the more crucial for chiropractors to invest in reliable and intuitive software. Choosing an EHR provider that offers an intuitive product, extensive training and ongoing technical support can place you in the best possible position to adapt to further changes in health IT. 

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