Chiropractic marketing tips: Keep track of your online reputation with Google Alerts

Find out what your patients are saying about you online.

Find out what your patients are saying about you online.

Previously on this blog, we've discussed the importance of having an online presence as a part of your overall chiropractic marketing strategy. Even if you have a wealth of potential patients right down the street, chances are they will begin their search for a quality chiropractor online before actually stepping foot in your clinic. So, as nonsensical as it may seem at times, your outreach efforts have to fall in line with how today's consumers actually discover new business — and that means investing in a quality website and maintaining social networking accounts.

In addition to building your reputation as an informed, engaged professional by drafting blog posts and sharing news stories that relate directly to your audience, opening this channel allows you to react quickly to feedback — both positive and negative. However, first you must know how to seek out this commentary.

Recently, our partners at Kareo extolled the benefits of Google Alerts as means to stay clued in to online conversations about your practice.

"You know that people are writing about you online, but how do you find out when the content hits the Internet? A quick and timely response will insure you have that control over your reputation: that's where Google Alerts come into play," the source notes. "It searches the vast world wide web for any mention of your company, and sends you a neat and tidy report to your email of every instance."

In future posts, we'll review different strategies to respond to these discussions — and whether you actually should.

If you're already struggling to find time to tackle your administrative tasks while providing quality patient care, the prospect of writing blog posts and sifting through forums may seem burdensome and even unnecessary. In this day and age, though, it is vital to stay abreast of what potential clients might come across if they seek you out online. By investing in an intuitive chiropractic EHR program, you can save time on clerical work, so you can treat this task with the attention it merits.

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