Chiropractic marketing tips: Why you need content

Where blogging fits in your chiropractor marketing plan.

Where blogging fits in your chiropractor marketing plan.

Previously on this blog, we discussed the importance of establishing an online presence as a part of your chiropractic marketing plan. Today, we'll delve a bit deeper into a widely misunderstood aspect of online lead generation: quality content.

Most chiropractors have the vague idea that they should maintain a blog, but may not realize exactly why it has become so crucial to do so.

Stand out to search engines

One vital reason is that continually producing a steady stream of quality content can make your website stand out to the most powerful forces in online lead generation today: the search engines. Naren Arulrajah of the industry publication Dynamic Chiropractic explains that heavy hitters such as Google are constantly altering their algorithms to weed out stagnant or suspect websites that purely act as vehicles for keywords. Instead, these search engines—which the vast majority of consumers use to seek out new services—are prioritizing websites that are fresh, dynamic and constantly contributing to the online community in a meaningful way.

Stand out to potential patients

Dr. Patrick McNamara of Next Generation Chiropractor echoed this sentiment, adding that—as well as scoring points with search engines and thereby improving where you rank in a local search—continually updating your website with useful and relevant information also signals to potential clients that you are invested in their well-being, even before they've scheduled their first appointment at your chiropractic office.

"When you write content that solves problems for people, you'll been seen as the chiropractic expert within your community. Not only that, but you'll be able to build genuine relationships that foster trust which is the catalyst for future business," he writes.

In a related piece published by the Houston Chronicle, Jane Williams of Demand Media writes that everything that takes place on your website, whether it's a new post or a response to patient queries or reviews, is all part of a process called "brand building." The more prospective clients feel like they know you and what your office stands for, the more likely they are to feel comfortable entrusting your with their health.

Finding the time

Knowing that you should consistently upload quality content to your website and actually doing so are two radically different things. Writing meaningful and informative posts take time that many chiropractors simply don't have if they're routinely bogged down with paperwork.

Half-heartedly attempting to bolster your online presence will only result in a neglected website that could well be off-putting to visitors, so don't commit to this endeavor unless you can put in the effort it demands. Introducing chiropractic software that actually streamlines your office workflow is a great way to free up more time to dedicate to this task.

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