Learn how to boost referrals with this informative webinar

Referrals remain the most potent tool to draw new patients.

Referrals remain the most potent tool to draw new patients.

Previously on this blog, we've covered a wide range of chiropractic marketing strategies largely centered on social media applications. This includes maintaining a regular, informative blog and taking every opportunity to broadcast your online presence at conferences and other speaking events. Bolstering your website and devoting time to social media accounts is an important way to enhance your visibility online — which, after all, is where many potential patients begin their search for a chiropractor.

However, as beneficial as these avenues can be for your practice, referrals remain the most potent tool to draw new patients. As such, it's important for chiropractors to devote time to expanding their referral networks through current patients, working relationships with other medical practitioners and other underused avenues. Yet understanding the value of a referral network and knowing how to make use of these resources are two distinct things.

For that reason, health care marketing and image development consultant Cheryl Bisera is holding a webinar on referral network strategies to help you build a thriving practice. The webinar, hosted by Kareo, will take place on Wednesday, March 19, at 1:00 PM Eastern, 10:00 AM Pacific. During this informative session, Bisera will address the following components of a strong referral network:

  • Building physician referrals and appealing to new providers
  • Appealing to current clients to become advocates
  • Empowering referral sources to identify people who may benefit from chiropractic care.

This type of networking is an essential skill in any profession, but it's understandable if the ability doesn't come naturally at first. By learning more about best practices for building referrals, you can help more patients experience the benefits of chiropractic care. Click here to register for Cheryl Bisera's referral network webinar.

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