What comes after EHR implementation?

Maintain an open line of communication with your EHR provider.

Maintain an open line of communication with your EHR provider.

Just as there will be plenty of work ahead after the switch to ICD-10, medical practitioners can't simply rest on their laurels after introducing new chiropractic management software, and the best chiropractic EHR providers know this.

Recently, EHR Intelligence listed a few essential steps that must be taken after the official go-live date to make sure your chiropractic EHR implementation isn't a bust. Most of these guidelines are concerned with maintaining an ongoing relationship with your software provider and displaying willingness to adapt to fully capitalize on your new resources.

"If you have never been through the full lifecycle of an implementation, you may not realize that going live is only the beginning. In fact, many times post go-live work is more than the implementation effort," the source states.

First, it is fair to expect a bit of fine-tuning to your EHR program, even after the go-live date. After all, as much as you may think you know exactly the best templates and procedures to facilitate your day-to-day administration, you will most likely discover that certain elements aren't as essential as first thought, while an overlooked aspect during your build process continues to cause headaches. Investing in an adaptable software is the best way to prepare yourself for this inevitability, as you will be free to make adjustments as needed to suit your workflow.

In addition, even if you and your staff have a solid grasp of the functionality of your chiropractic EHR, it is vital to ensure that you have an open line of communication with your provider after initial implementation so any maintenance or training queries can be addressed quickly and effectively. Just as you are invested in the long-term well-being of your patients, your EHR provider should be concerned with how well their product addresses your needs.

A few kinks are to be expected in the implementation process, but if you prepare yourself with these eventualities and have a reliable provider on hand for support, you can easily surmount initial obstacles.

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