2 methods of simplifying EHR adoption

Adopting EHR can significantly help to streamline recordkeeping and improve patient care.

Adopting EHR can significantly help to streamline recordkeeping and improve patient care.

There likely aren't too many practices who don't see any value in the adoption of chiropractic EHR. As EHR Intelligence notes, these digital recordkeeping systems provide "ubiquitous availability of patient records, convenience and timeliness of mobile access to information and streamlined communication among healthcare professionals and patients," all allowing for a smoother, more accurate and mutually beneficial patient care experience.

But often the question isn't why you should implement chiropractic EHR software, but rather how. For all the conveniences they can afford patients, they may not be particularly convenient themselves to first install. Meaningful Use guidelines have, in many cases, only complicated this situation further, adding greater stress in terms of both costs and workflow. 

To help clinics and office-based physicians better ease their way into chiropractic EMR adoption, EHR Intelligence has outlined a couple rules of thumb worth following:

  • Alter your workflows accordingly: There's no getting around it — when you integrate EHR into your office, your workflow will change. This is true of any healthcare group, from small clinics to large hospitals, and can affect anything from inter-office messaging, appointment schedules, patient releases and so on. Utilizing the best chiropractic EHR software can help ensure that implementation occurs without detrimentally impacting your day-to-day workflow.
  • Spend time on staff training: How successful your practice will be with implementing, let alone using on a regular basis, EHR will depend entirely on how well-trained they are for it in advance. Take the time to instruct staffers and administrators on the ins and outs of the new system. It's an investment and one that will pay off significantly with proper EHR use.

Invest your time and resources into the proper chiropractic documentation software to better facilitate thorough and as-smooth-as-possible EHR adoption.

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