Association drafts code of conduct for EHR users

Association provides guidance on EHR use.

Association provides guidance on EHR use.

The widespread use of EHRs has raised legitimate concerns regarding misuse or breach of private medical information. In response, the HIMSS Electronic Health Records Association (EHRA) created a code of conduct for doctors, administrators and chiropractic EHR users to consult when managing their data. 

The guidelines are a collaboration between 40 EHR companies, meant to optimize safety, sharing and innovation in the industry. 

"The EHR Developer Code of Conduct establishes firm principles that are very responsive to the issues physicians and other healthcare professionals would like addressed as they try to select, implement, and optimize EHR solutions in practice. We look forward to collaborating with the EHR Association as these principles are implemented," said Michael Barr, senior vice president at the American College of Physicians, in a release. 

The code addresses issues of conducting business, patient safety, interoperability, portability, billing, security, privacy and patient engagement. The EHRA states on its website that the code will be updated as needed to evolve with changing technology and best practices, and notes that it's not necessary to be a part of the association to adopt the code of conduct. Additionally, practices that require guidance on how to follow these guidelines with their web based medical software can seek such help through the EHRA. 

Doctors and administrators needing some more basic guidance in choosing a program may consult the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, which has a comprehensive set of guidelines and suggestions on its website on how to pick the chiropractic EHR that's perfect for your practice. Practitioners who use their electronic systems to their fullest benefit may find a return on investment, greater patient satisfaction and a streamlined workflow. 

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