Do physicians understand the scope of chiropractic EHR? Health IT teams fear not

Help your clinical staff come to grips with chiropractic EHR.

Help your clinical staff come to grips with chiropractic EHR.

This is undoubtedly a hectic time for any health IT department, as deadlines are fast approaching for meaningful use stage 2 and the introduction of ICD-10. Recently, Healthcare IT News showcased a few techniques that professionals in this field have introduced to help ease the burden on their staff, as well as a few common concerns that can potentially hinder the adoption process.

One such issue is an apparent disconnect between IT professionals on the clinical staff in hospitals and private practices, some of whom may not realize the full scope of chiropractic EHR.

"I seem to feel that the physicians are a bit disengaged. I'm not sure they see it as a real issue, and I think that's going to be a surprise for them," said Meridian Health senior vice president of IT Becki Weber in an interview with the news outlet. 

So what can chiropractors take away from this insight? Simply that, to ensure the most effective and efficient adoption of chiropractic EHR in your practice, it is essential to keep every member of staff up to speed on both the minute details of day-to-day use as well as the big-picture benefits. Giving clinic staff a sense of why this change is taking place and how easy it can make some of the most frustrating tasks will help employees better overcome any initial hesitation.

The Healthcare IT News piece also highlights a common practice of holding a few team-based events to acknowledge the initial difficulty of EHR implementation and give people a chance to build camaraderie and blow off some steam. In addition, investing in intuitive chiropractic management software can also do away with some of the most frustrating aspects of the adoption process.

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