EHR implementation: A success story

This pediatric office has enjoyed EHR success with quality training.

This pediatric office has enjoyed EHR success with quality training.

If you're preparing to transition to chiropractic EHR,  you may — understandably — have some concerns about the implementation process. Will adopting these digitized documents really improve your current workflow? How will less tech-savvy personnel adapt to the change? What steps can you take to put your practice in the best position to reap the rewards of chiropractic EHR with minimal disruption?

First, as we've mentioned before on this blog, don't rush. You may want to make good on your investment as quickly as possible, but flying through any phase of this process, from selection to training and final go-live, could lead to costly missteps that may put you in the market for replacement chiropractic management software sooner than you'd like. 

To assist with this process, EHR Intelligence has featured a series on individual practices and their experiences with implementation. In May, the source spoke with pediatrician Dr. Sally Ginsburg about how her office adapted.

"When we went forward, we did all kinds of fun things: we had little lotteries, and brought in food, and did all sorts of things to make it a pleasant experience," she explained. "[Through role-playing,] we went through all of the varying stages of the encounter, so everyone knew what was going on from the computer side and the patient side."

Dr. Ginsburg's practice worked entirely on paper before adopting EHR technology in 2007. Now, the pediatrician explains that even members of her staff who rarely used computers before the switch have sworn they wouldn't go back.

The key to this success, she said, was to seek out a reliable software provider who is financially viable and can provide the long-term support your practice needs. In addition, remember that not all chiropractic EHR software is created equal, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the varying degrees of usability across these channels. 

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