Using EHR software to navigate the ‘sea of patient information’

EHR software can help streamline clinic workflow and patient data.

EHR software can help streamline clinic workflow and patient data.

As the healthcare industry has made no secret of this year, implementing and properly adopting new chiropractic EHR software that meets Meaningful Use and ICD-10 compliance standards is no small feat. These technical upgrades require significant time and financial investment, and if clinic and hospital staff aren't thoroughly trained on their use, then these digital records can provide more trouble than benefits. But the reason why we're looking to take on these upgrades in the first place is precisely because of those benefits — a fact that can be easily forgotten among all the anxiety-ridden deadlines and frustrating delays.

EHR Intelligence recently noted one significantly important feature that chiropractic EHR can provide a practice with: Navigating "a sea full of patient information." Over the last decade, the amount of patient data and digital records has grown by an exponential level. While this trend is better for both the practice and the patient — as EHR use can help improve overall care experiences and reduce patient costs — the road to that endgame can be easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available. But one of the virtues of having a properly utilized EHR software is its ability to help make sense of this quantity of data and ultimately streamline a practice's workflow, rather than become hamstrung by information you can barely understand.

"Electronic health records (EHRs) can help hospitals keep up with data flow through a number of intuitive features, such as alerts and automated tracking tools," writes the source. "By engaging an enterprise EHR, hospitals can optimize their operations, resulting in less stress on staff and more time for patients."

Investing in the best chiropractic EHR software available can help clinics better manage their own influx of digital patient information.

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