A first-hand account of the benefits of EHR

This lawyer experienced the benefits of EHR first-hand

This lawyer experienced the benefits of EHR first-hand

We've written a lot about the benefits of chiropractic EHR for workflow efficiency and quality of care, but it is always beneficial for medical practitioners to witness these advantages in action, both from the perspective of physicians and their patients. Recently, Marla Durben Hirsch, a health law attorney who contributes regularly to the online news outlet FierceEMR, shared her personal experiences with these digitized documents in a clinical setting

Hirsch explains that her daughter had been referred to a throat, nose and ear doctor by her allergist. Over the course of an appointment with a physician her daughter had never seen before, Hirsch notes that the impact of medical EHR was evident in the best way

"I wasn't impressed that the practice had an EHR; what impressed me was that the practice could access my daughter's five-year-old MRI results, despite the fact that I had all but forgotten that she had ever had an MRI. But the [...] doctor located the correct MRI within five minutes and was able to swiftly diagnose my daughter's problem," she explains.

The ability of EHR implementation to facilitate information sharing among medical professionals across specialties is paramount, and though Hirsch does stipulate that not every instance of EHR is this effortless, she witnessed the incredible potential of widespread EHR use for the health care system at large.

By introducing chiropractic EHR software to your practice, you gain the ability to access the medical history of each client almost instantaneously, enabling you to make the most informed decisions about his or her treatment. These documents could shed light on chronic issues and even years of back pain mismanagement, so you get a more complete picture of the case at hand.

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