EHR review reveals alarming discrepancies in prediabetes treatment

EHR has revealed flaws in current prediabetes treatment.

EHR has revealed flaws in current prediabetes treatment.

For all of the benefits of chiropractic EHR on a micro level — namely its ability to streamline workflow in individual practices — the transition to digitized documents stands to benefit the healthcare sector at large in an even more substantial way. Previously on this blog, we reported that the in-depth analysis afforded by an interconnected network of EHR could assist in tracking the progress of Multiple Sclerosis. Now, researchers have tapped into this invaluable resource to highlight flaws in current prediabetes treatment.

According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 25 million Americans suffer from diabetes, and a further 79 million are living with its precursor, prediabetes. Taking steps to moderate diet can make a dramatic difference for people with diabetes, as the action they take now could determine whether they develop the common metabolic disorder in its full-fledged form. Yet, despite the great significance of diabetes treatment, the medical news outlet Healio Endocrinology reports that individuals who were diagnosed with prediabetes often did not receive the treatment and ongoing follow-up care that could keep their condition from progressing.

The researchers reportedly relied on EHR to assess 358,120 adults who were diagnosed with prediabetes. The source notes that EHR was used because it provided ample information on "diagnosis, use, pharmacy and laboratory information from all facets of the care system," thereby giving researchers a comprehensive view of how each individual patient was treated upon diagnosis. For the most part, the scientists noted that it was typically patients who were considered very high risk for diabetes who benefited from regular blood glucose level checks and other forms of follow-up.

This study serves to highlight how revolutionary chiropractic EMR has already proven to be on a micro- and macro-level for physicians across the board. However, to truly harness the powers of digital records, make sure you invest in chiropractic management software that is compatible with your practice.

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