HIEs push the advancement of EHR systems

As healthcare IT expands, the potential for HIE formation rises.

As healthcare IT expands, the potential for HIE formation rises.

Web-based EHR software is very useful for a single chiropractic practice as it allows chiropractors to access patient data online regardless of where they may be situated at the moment. Also, such EHR systems are known to reduce expenses as a practitioner will not have to pay for installation costs and would no longer need to rely on a secretary or on paper records, as previously reported in this blog.

However, there is one more interesting factor in web-based EHR software. Such technology is able to connect healthcare providers, chiropractors and other specialists across the board, thereby increasing the likelihood for the formation of a healthcare information exchange (HIE).

According to an article in Healthcare IT News, changing reimbursement models may lead to the further growth of EHR systems as the market drives new innovations within health IT. The study "2012 HIE Market Report: Analysis and Trends" shows that IT vendors are shifting toward offering products to medical practices of all shapes and sizes.

The authors of the study claim that innovations within health IT are being pushed forward by the nearing deadline for stage two of meaningful use. Along with enhanced features for data exchange, healthcare organizations are looking for health IT capable of sustaining community-wide patient care.

"As federal incentives drive the adoption of electronic health record (EHR) technology in the U.S., we will quickly move into the post-EHR era where the value of patient data is not what is locked in an EHR data silo, but the cumulative patient data that resides in the community HIE network," John Moore, author of the study, told the news source.

Chiropractors looking to adopt more advanced EHR systems should consider purchasing web-based EHR software guaranteed to improve chiropractic workflow.

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