Maine embraces EHR technology to improve veteran care

EHR adoption may improve veteran care.

EHR adoption may improve veteran care.

The widespread adoption of chiropractic EHR stands to benefit medical practitioners and patients alike on many fronts, safeguarding confidential information even as it promotes the overall accessibility of this data. This week, officials from the state of Maine have expressed the intent to invest in EHR and other aspects of health IT to ensure that an often overlooked segment of the population receives the best medical care possible. 

The Pine Tree State has a substantial veteran population, and many of these individuals live in relatively remote locations—making access to consistent medical care almost impossible.

Healthcare IT News reports that  the state government has partnered with the health information exchange HealthInfoNet, and has received approximately $900,000 in funding from the Health Research and Services Administration to bridge the gap between health issues managed by the office of Veterans Affairs (VA) and private practitioners.

"Because Maine is a large, rural state, access to VA facilities can be challenging and veterans must also seek care from their community's private hospitals, mental health providers, community health centers and physician practices. This makes it difficult for both the VA and private providers to coordinate veterans' care," the source notes.

By connecting these facilities to the state's health information exchange, Maine officials aim to give medical professionals a more comprehensive picture of veterans and any other patients they care for, as each individual's medical records will be instantly accessible however remote the location. 

Of course, this accessibility could mean nothing if VA offices aren't equipped with the best chiropractic management software. Whatever realm of health care you work in, the best EHR services should be designed with your day-to-day operations in mind, and be backed by ongoing technical support.

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