NFL investigates further health IT innovations after EHR adoption

EHR software is being used by the NFL.

EHR software is being used by the NFL.

As most chiropractors are well aware, no one is exempt from injury, and even professionals who perform relatively sedentary work may unwittingly subject themselves to undue twisting and strain. With the use of chiropractic EHR, these medical specialists can gain a full sense of the clinical history of these individuals and take extensive notes that could influence their care further down the line.

However, there are certain professionals who face a particularly high risk for personal injury. The NFL has made headlines in the last couple years as reports have surfaced that some retired players have endured long-term brain damage as a result of their tenure on the field. Lawsuits that have been lodged against the league have alleged that the improper treatment of concussions by NFL officials and a lack of education about these inherent risks contributed to these instances.

Healthcare IT News reports that the league was required to transition to EHRs in a collective bargaining agreement with the players union two years ago in a bid to better ensure the long-term health of these athletes. In July of this years, USA Today reported that the NFL officially went online with its EHR system, enabling medical professionals and officials to access these documents from iPads at the sideline of any game.

In a sign of further dedication to health IT and its benefits, Healthcare IT News states that one NFL team, The Buffalo Bills, has entered a partnership with Carestream Health and John Hopkins University to devise new digital imaging technology that would help monitor the effects of traumatic brain injury on players.

"We want to provide team medical staff with the latest technology that will help with their care and treatment of players in real time at the team facility, in the locker room [and] on the sidelines," NFL VP of communications Brian McCarthy said of the shift to EHR and in 2012 interview with Healthcare IT News.

By implementing the best chiropractic EHR, you can also ensure that your patients receive the care they deserve while protecting their privacy and cutting down on time-consuming admin.

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