Saving minutes with chiropractic EHR and mobile technology

Save precious minutes with chiropractic EHR.

Save precious minutes with chiropractic EHR.

The ability to cut-down on the time you spend on administrative tasks is an incredible advantage of chiropractic EMR technology. Once you familiarize yourself with your chosen software, inputting patient data and accessing the files you need becomes simpler than ever, freeing you to devote more hours to clinical work. It is this ability to cut down on paperwork and the delayed transmission of medical history details that enables you to devote your time to more patients, which in turn can boost revenue in this continually cash-strapped industry.

Recently, Healthcare IT News reported that the combination of chiropractic apps and mobile technology may result in bigger overall savings than you may think. Covering a network of seven clinics in Bellevue, Washington, called Bellevue Associates, the news outlet states that the facilities successfully made use of EMR software on tablets to streamline daily tasks.

"Physicians making their rounds at the hospital can now access information and take notes at the bedside, rather than rushing around the hospital trying to find an open computer station, then asking for log-in information. In the case of newborns, they can get an EHR started on the spot, rather than later," the source notes.

With documented time savings of roughly 30 minutes a day, the physicians noted that this potent combination of technologies could pave the way for better individual engagement with patients. So, while it's true that investing in chiropractic EHR can potentially save you money in terms of higher patient admittance and reduced storage, the greatest benefit is each precious minute you are able to devote to ease the concerns of patients in need. To ensure you can make the most of this advantage, select a chiropractic EHR provider that will support you through any initial bumps in implementation.

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