A study by On24 and MedData shows physicians are more interested in virtual events

A new study shows that physicians have a strong interest in attending continuing education classes online.

A new study shows that physicians have a strong interest in attending continuing education classes online.

New research suggests that medical professionals would prefer to attend continuing medical education classes online instead of in a classroom. The Joint Survey of Physician Digital Behavior provided by On24 Inc, a marketing and virtual event services firm, and MedData Group, a leader in healthcare database marketing, shows that 84.1 percent of doctors prefer to continue their education online followed by 31.6 percent preferring pharmaceutical education and 29.4 percent in favor of dinner meetings.

While most prefer online education, only 6.4 percent of survey-takers claimed that they participated in virtual training or any virtual events in the past.

About 75 percent of surveyed doctors state that they see virtual events increasing in number and 96.1 percent see positive aspects in regards to attending more meetings, conferences and CME events virtually.

Some benefits of virtual training include improved patient care, avoiding the stress of travel and viewing content at each doctor's convenience, of which 35.1 percent, 53.3 percent and 80.3 percent of survey-takers claimed were important aspects of the program to their lives, respectively. Also, 45.1 percent of respondents cited their need for spending more time relaxing at home, according to the study.

"These results demonstrate that virtual communication is becoming very important to the way doctors prefer to work," Sharat Sharan, chief executive officer of ON24, said. "In today's digital age, medical professionals increasingly prefer virtual events and webcasts wherever they are – at their desks, on their laptops or with any mobile device – over traveling to in-person events."

As more medical professionals are embracing the movement toward virtual technology, chiropractors would benefit by easing chiropractic workflow through the implementation of web-based EHR software. Adoption of web-based medical software allows a chiropractor to have immediate installation and online access, thereby allowing practitioners to view patient data at their convenience, spend more time at home and reduce the amount of travel.

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