Chiropractors can save on start up costs by using web-based EHR software

A web-based system for keeping patient data could prove beneficial.

A web-based system for keeping patient data could prove beneficial.

Many chiropractors do not realize how much of an impact electronic health records (EHR) will make on their practice, according to industry expert William Morgan in a column for the American Chiropractic Association. In the near future, the incorporation of computerized medical records will become a requirement, as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Department of Health and Human Services advocate for incorporating universal EHR systems.

Morgan further explains that a major disadvantage to universal EHR may be data input as healthcare workers will spend more time completing structured data entry. Nonetheless, there are companies selling user-friendly software products for the chiropractic community.    

Industry expert Rebecca Jones states in a column for the American Chiropractic Association that the biggest concern with implementing electronic medical records (EMR) is the costs of installation and consequences for medical practices that haven't switched by 2015.

The HITECH Act compels chiropractic healthcare facilities to incorporate health information technology (IT). Some major parts to follow are incorporating a certified EHR product and meeting all of the meaningful use requirements. Medical practices that follow these guidelines will receive benefits while the rest will be penalized.

Clearly, there is no way to avoid using electronic health records software. But, what should chiropractors do to lower their start up costs? Using a web-based system could prove beneficial. This would save money from the installation of hardware and software found with many other vendors. A web-based system would allow immediate installation and online access. This means a chiropractor would likely never lose data and could even view patient data from the comfort of his or her home. Web-based medical software could be the key to saving money on start up costs for a medical practice.

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