Cloud computing addresses medical fraud

Cloud computing and mobile technology address medical fraud and other data issues.

Cloud computing and mobile technology address medical fraud and other data issues.

The chiropractic profession has always been on the cusp of using new technological innovations, as reported previously by this blog. This is especially apparent in recent years, as chiropractors have begun implementing health IT devices like EHR systems to meet meaningful use requirements and achieve incentives.

Recently, web-based EHR software has taken on new meaning as cloud technology expanded into the healthcare sector. Along with cloud computing, mobile technology is also making an impact on the healthcare industry.

While tablets and EHR systems are replacing paper medical records, mobile cloud collaboration tools are enabling chiropractors and physicians across the healthcare spectrum to share knowledge and patient information in order to improve care.

Cloud computing and mobile technology are also used to solve problems with medical data such as fraud, patient CRM and remote diagnostics, according to InformationWeek. Along with storing medical records, cloud technology is addressing the issue of medical fraud, which accounts for $260 billion or 10 percent of healthcare expenses.

"Verizon, for example, uses predictive modeling tools to examine healthcare payment requests and route potentially fraudulent claims to case managers for investigation," Maribel Lopez wrote in an April 26 article for the news source. "The Verizon Fraud Management for Healthcare platform is designed to help identify fraud before payments are made, thereby reducing improper payments and the administrative and legal costs associated with traditional 'pay-and-chase' recovery operations."

Lopez next details a healthcare facility – RehabCare Group – that utilizes health IT products abundantly. This organization uses smartphones, iPads and the cloud platform to enhance care and reduce the number of paper records.

Chiropractors looking to gain incentives by meeting meaningful use requirements should consider purchasing web-based EHR software guaranteed to benefit a chiropractic practice through online access and immediate installation.

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