Cloud computing enables other technologies to run

Cloud computing enables professionals to use mobile technology and social media.

Cloud computing enables professionals to use mobile technology and social media.

Cloud providers do not emphasize the need for web-based EHR software solely to receive financial compensation. Experts agree that these EHR systems are truly a better option for chiropractors.

According to Government Computer News, there are five specific technologies that are driving the digital age. These include the cloud, analytics, social media, cyber and mobility. While both professionals, students and even patients are using social media and mobile apps to connect to others, cloud computing is what these technologies depend on. Without a web-based system, various industries would not be able to implement social networking and mobile technology.

Many professionals are now using mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones and employers are implementing bring your own device (BYOD) policies. Cloud computing enables the use of mobile technology, since specialists like chiropractors who do not have an internet connection would otherwise be unable to study patient records while at home or traveling.

The Office of Management and Budget released the Cloud First policy at the end of 2011, which has further pushed the healthcare industry and other fields to adopt cloud-based management systems such as web-based medical software.

"The Office of Management and Budget laid the foundation for this digital push with the Cloud First policy, a component of the 25-point IT reform plan issued in December 2011," said the news source. "The policy basically stated that agencies had to consider cloud computing, an on-demand model for provisioning computing resources, for new IT projects and required agencies to identify and move three applications to the cloud over an 18-month period."

By adopting web-based medical software, a chiropractor would benefit his or her office since cloud computing has become the source on which other technologies run.

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