Cloud computing offers solutions for professionals across the world

Cloud computing is spreading as more countries are implementing internet use in the workplace.

Cloud computing is spreading as more countries are implementing internet use in the workplace.

As previously mentioned in this blog, the use of the internet has skyrocketed in the last decade. Today, people spend less time during their day without an internet connection than with one. Teenagers, college students and working professionals are all constantly connected to the online world, partially because of the growth of mobile devices in recent years. For chiropractors, this means web-based EHR software is truly the best option, as it allows one to view medical documents while at home or traveling.

Cloud computing also creates solutions for easing chiropractic workflow. Heavy Reading Insider published a report called "Carrier Cloud India: Opportunities & Challenges," which detailed the growth of cloud technology, current cloud services and whether users are ready for the opportunities this platform offers.

This report also highlights the competitive market of Web service providers as well as government enterprises within cloud platforms. A major focus of the report is on vendors of cloud technology including partnerships as well as specific carrier cloud services.

"While Indian operators are emerging from a voice-era led low-ARPU regime to higher-speed data services enabled by 3G/4G infrastructure, large investments in network and spectrum are at stake," Sridhar Pai, author of the report, said in a press release. "As it becomes crucial to quickly ramp up profitable revenue base, they are now targeting enterprise/small to medium enterprise customers with suite of cloud services."

Some key discoveries include the fact that Indian operators are focusing their efforts on selling cloud services to small and medium-sized enterprises and that these organizations are asking for an inclusive suite of apps that are simple to implement in a cloud platform.

As cloud computing becomes more prevalent across the world, chiropractors in the United States would be wise to adopt web-based medical software to improve their chiropractic workflow.

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