Deadline for new CMS 1500 form is next month

The deadline for filing an insurance claim with the CMS 1500 form is quickly approaching.

The deadline for filing an insurance claim with the CMS 1500 form is quickly approaching.

For chiropractic practitioners, it's safe to say that 2014 is the year of ICD-10. While the new programming language is a long overdue replacement for the 30-year-old ICD-9, the switch has many practices worried about rushing to ensure their chiropractic EHR is up-to-date without having it impede their already-busy workflow.

But ICD-10 isn't just changing how practitioners utilize and store chiropractic EMR. The new coding system will also change how medical practices can file insurance claims to bill Medicare carriers and durable medical equipment regional carriers (DMERCs). The newly updated form, known as CMS 1500, won't require ICD-10 just yet, but it will use ICD-10 codes. While medical professionals have been allowed to file claims with this newly revised form since January 6 of this year, the cut-off is quickly approaching, as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has the filing deadline set for April 1.

That gives practices just a little over three weeks left to get their submissions in. Lea Chatham at Kareo has compiled some essential, need-to-know items about CMS 1500 and this fast-approaching deadline:

  • Although CMS 1500 can support up to 12 diagnosis codes, it will still only allow four codes per procedure.
  • On and after April 1, Medicare will only accept CMS 1500 forms (disallowing submission of older forms). Other payers may not, so practices are advised to contact them and determine which form they will accept after ICD-10 is implemented on October 1.
  • Your chiropractic management software vendor will have to track changes being made to process more accurate claims. The CMS 1500 is new for both payers and providers, so staying apprised of new changes to the form's functions will be necessary to keeping everyone on the same page.

Practices should invest into proper chiropractic EHR software to ensure that they are not only ICD-10-compliant, but also delivering the best possible and up-to-date results for their clients.

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