Elements to consider when choosing a cloud systems vendor

Cloud computing allows a chiropractor or any other professional to view work documents while traveling.

Cloud computing allows a chiropractor or any other professional to view work documents while traveling.

Chiropractors who are thinking of adopting web-based medical software should also address the various aspects of cloud technology that may affect their practice.

Cloud computing offers various benefits, such as immediate online access, as well as the ability to view patient records regardless of where one is located. The biggest difference between purchasing software and hardware is in the installation costs. A chiropractor that adopts web-based medical software will save money on these installation costs. In general, adopting EHR systems allows a chiropractor to save funds on paper costs and quite possibly a full-time administrative assistant.

Digital certificate company GeoTrust has recently released a whitepaper that details aspects to consider when choosing a cloud provider, according to Healthcare IT News. The report discusses that the feared security issues of cloud computing has slowed down the adoption of cloud technology such as web-based medical software. The report stresses the importance of working with a vendor who can address and solve such security issues.

"To reap the benefits of cloud computing without increasing security and compliance risks, enterprises must ensure they work only with trusted service providers that can address these and other cloud security challenges," the paper read. "What's more, when enterprises move from using just one cloud-based service to using several from different providers, they must manage all these issues across multiple operators."

The document also emphasizes the importance of ensuring secure access and data segregation. For example, it is vital for a healthcare organization to comply with HIPAA regulations and make sure patient files are not compromised.

By partnering with a trusted vendor of web-based medical software created by a doctor of chiropractic, chiropractors will gain a useful product sure to ease chiropractic workflow.

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