HHS awards 45 healthcare organizations with grants to implement EHR systems

A total of $83.9 million was awarded to 45 healthcare organizations to give them means to develop health IT systems.

A total of $83.9 million was awarded to 45 healthcare organizations to give them means to develop health IT systems.

Along with the Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) devotion to spreading EHR software and other new technology, this organization has also awarded healthcare facilities with funds to implement EHR systems.

HHS' Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently announced that $83.9 million has been offered to 45 hospitals and medical facilities in order to help these networks develop health IT systems such as EHR software, according to Healthcare IT News.

These funds were provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which allotted $2 billion to the HHS' Health Resources and Services Administration. It is meant to increase healthcare services to the uninsured and other low-income consumers. For chiropractors, EHR systems are aimed at streamlining care and easing chiropractic workflow, which, in turn, leads to an expansion of healthcare services.

"We need health information technology to bring our healthcare system into the 21st century," Sebelius told the news source. "This essential technology improves the quality of care we all receive and helps make care more efficient."

Both new health IT projects and improved implementation of EHR systems will be gained through these 45 grants. According to HHS, new EHR systems will lead to better quality of healthcare, increased patient safety and more streamlined, efficient care.

Along with these benefits, the healthcare centers that meet meaningful use requirements may be eligible for receiving incentive payments from HHS.

Some of the medical facilities that received these grants to implement EHR systems include Whatley Health Services in Alaska, Redwood Community Health Network in California and Community Health Integrated Partnership in Maryland.

Chiropractors who are looking to improve patient care and receive monetary incentives from meeting meaningful use requirements should consider purchasing EHR systems that offer online benefits, immediate installation and a low monthly subscription.

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