Web-based medical software has many advantages

Cloud technology allows professionals to work while at home or traveling.

Cloud technology allows professionals to work while at home or traveling.

Cloud technology – the process of using one server to hold an abundance of data between many different users – is a system that some healthcare professionals are not comfortable implementing.

Some medical practitioners fear using web-based EHR software because internet access may not be reliable. Losing local internet access is a possibility but this is becoming less likely. According to the American Chiropractic Association, U.S. small businesses were without internet for less than three hours through the 2009 year. Also, internet access is improving with each passing year. Chiropractors that may experience loss of internet access should consider implementing a backup plan.

Organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and IBM have all switched over to cloud technology. A web-based system allows professionals at these companies as well as practitioners at medical facilities to access their data regardless of where they may be located. All that is necessary to access one's data is a computer with the application and a high-speed internet connection. This means that cloud technology enables one to work from home or while traveling.

Today the amount of healthcare data is growing quickly and flooding the medical community. This imposes challenges when it comes to containing such large amounts of data. Cloud technology can solve this problem as this system allows for unlimited storage.

Cloud computing also offers greater security as compared to in-clinic servers. Data remain private and safe as cloud technology adopts HIPAA-compliant protocols and encryption technology.

Most importantly, by implementing web-based medical software, a chiropractor will be reducing expenses by not purchasing expensive hardware that requires installation. Also, in-clinic servers lead to the extra cost of hiring an IT professional to set up the system. Affordable EHR software will generally be in the form of cloud technology.

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