Will 2014 bring more chiropractic EHR replacements?

Will the New Year herald more EHR replacement?

Will the New Year herald more EHR replacement?

The New Year is fast approaching, and with it comes a wide range of changes for medical practitioners across the country. With meaningful use stage 2 and ICD-10 just on the horizon, these professionals are eager to prepare themselves with the right chiropractic management software, but some industry experts fear that EHR replacements are inevitable.

This week, Health care IT specialist John Whitham of ECG Management Consultants spoke with EHRIntelligence about the obstacles physicians have faced with EHR adoption and implementation, and what they can expect in 2014. He noted that 2013 has been referred to as "the year of EHR replacements," but argues that 2014 may have a better claim to that title.

"Obviously, you hear about all the challenges that many vendors are facing [with chiropractic EHR] and this is going to lead into 2014," he explained. "There's a whole spectrum of challenges they are facing from upgrades to poor client service to being able to be Stage 2 Meaningful Use and ICD-10 compliant."

Whitham noted that the merging of practices and the introduction of new management can also lead to preemptive EHR replacement when the real issue is that the existing technology has not been optimized to its fullest extent.  

With that in mind, the source argues that medical practitioners and staff must carefully analyze what it is about their current systems that are impairing their successful implementation. Is it the physician-facing interface itself that is proving too complex, or do your problems stem from an inability to get your provider on the phone? Identifying these issues will help you determine if you really do need to replace your chiropractic EHR software, and what qualities you should look for in that event.

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