Survey reveals rise in EHR adoption, eagerness to obtain federal incentives

Doctors cited the financial incentives and product options as motivators for chiropractic EHR adoption.

Doctors cited the financial incentives and product options as motivators for chiropractic EHR adoption.

If you're on the fence about chiropractic EHR software, you have every right. With so many conflicting reports about the benefits of this technology, its implementation costs and the overall impact on day-to-day operations, you may not be sure if going digital is the right choice for your practice. 

Most of the negative feedback regarding chiropractic EHR has stemmed from unreliable software, insufficient training and misconceptions about the full cost of implementation (both in terms of time and money). Overall, though, numerous reports indicate that medical practices across the country are reaping the benefits of EHR in terms of reduced administrative work and greater access to comprehensive records.

Recently, the research firm SK&A released findings from a phone survey involving 270,036 medical providers. Participants were asked to relay their experiences with EHR software, and the general response was relatively positive. Adoption rates among single-doctor practices have risen by more than 10 percent over the last year, and respondents cited the growing number of options and federal incentives as two key motivators for implementation.

"What has accelerated the adoption of electronic health records among smaller practices is the availability of more than 450 different solutions to fit their practice needs, size and budget, said SK&A senior director of marketing Jack Schember in an official release, noting that government incentive plans like meaningful use have also spurred physicians to take action and embrace chiropractic EHR. 

Investing in chiropractic EHR software is essential to remain relevant in an increasingly digitized industry, but you must choose the best product to meet your needs. Whatever the scale of your practice, make sure the EHR provider you choose offers training and technical support, and that the software interface is accessible for all employees.

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