10 Great ideas for your DC Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Page!

A hsocial-media-chiropractoruge challenge of having LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook page for your practice is to  keep fresh content so your patients stay engaged.  However, making the investment to posting frequent on these social media outlets can help build your practice to new levels of success!

Here are 10 great ideas to utilize social media sites to build your practice:

  1. Write up brief health tips.  Your patients are hungry for information that will help them prevent injury & have better nutrition.  All you need is one tip every time you post.
  2. Link a piece of information you’ve written, authored.  This can be a news-blog post, article, or online video.
  3. Share patient stories and testimonials.  Include pictures if possible.
  4. Link to relevant internet content published by a reliable source.  This could be from the ACA, Dynamic Chiropractic, or another local community health organization.
  5. Share your mission & vision for the patients that you serve.  This helps build credibility and reminds patients who you serve.
  6. Share information about your involvement in the local community (schools, universities, public health orgs, sports teams,  youth organizations & community festivals & events).  Serving the local community & posting online know is a great way to meet new patients where they are at.
  7. Write about specific procedures that you give to patients, such as adjustments, therapeutic exercises, ART, Graston, etc… then write about how it improves patients health in the long term.
  8. Link posts to your website that show positive outcomes, reviews from patients, and other case studies.
  9. When you hire a new employee, associate, or staff member, create a post that welcomes them to your team!  This won’t only build more awareness of your practice, but also encourage the hearts of your employees.
  10. Check out LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles of your competitors.  Find out what they are doing.  No sense in reinventing the wheel!

In order to invite patients to LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter, it helps to have a list of emails for your current patients.  Exporting a list of patient emails from an electronic health record system can help!  BackChart gives you the ability to export this patient information and better market your practice!

For more information on how to build your practice, visit us at backchart.com!

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