5 Ideas to use Facebook to grow your Chiropractic Practice!

Did you know: Today there are over 1 billion people on Facebook!  According to socialbakers.com, 67.83% of the online US population are active users on Facebook.  Facebook is a powerful tool that you can use to build your business.  Just think about it!  How many friends do you have that are currently on Facebook?  Now think about this, how many of those friends are patients of yours?   Facebook-User-Growth-Chart









Here are 5 awesome tips on using Facebook to grow your patient base!

1)    Promote your Facebook page to your current office staff.  Provide an incentive or discount for current client’s to ‘like’ your page.  I would put a computer available at your reception desk for patients to easily sign in and like your page, or just have them use their smart phone.

2)    Create an additional incentive for patients to send an update about their visit to your clinic and how satisfied they are with your care!  Throw in a free massage, adjustment, appointment or something that will keep them coming back for sending out this quick update.

3)    Include a link to your Facebook page in any patient communications such as brochures, flyers, invoices, emails to patients, or on your website.

4)    Send an email to your current patients telling them about your new Facebook page!  Ask them to “Like” your page.  You should also include information on your facebook page about your office’s mission, vision, and what your about!

5)    Ask your most faithful patients to suggest your Facebook Page to their friends and contacts who are interested in Chiropractic care.  As you know, your customers are the best source of referrals and new business!

With nearly 156 million people on Facebook in the United States, it is without saying that it can be the most powerful marketing tool for a Chiropractor!  Don’t wait to use this tool to help grow your practice!  If you don’t know a lot about Facebook or social media, your first step should be finding someone who does and helping them assist you in getting started.  Opportunity awaits; it’s time for you to seize the day!

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