Demonstrating Meaningful Use – Medication Allergy List

Chances are, you already ask your patients if they have any known medication allergies, so this requirement, just like the medication list, will simply be a modification of what you do with that information.  This is a requirement that office support staff can help with-just make sure you review their work.

The medication allergy list is located on the left side of the patient chart.

If the patient has no known allergies, simply check the box on the upper right that says “No Allergies”.  Patients with no known allergies are easy.  You are done at this point.  However, if the patient does have known allergies, continue on to the next steps.

If the patient does have allergies, click the “Add Allergy” button to begin documenting the allergy.

Begin by clicking “Select Drug” to bring up the medication search.

Begin typing the name of the medication you are looking for.  Once you see it in the list, click on its name and click the “Select” button.

To document the reaction, select the appropriate reaction from the Reaction drop down and click the green plus button.  You can select multiple reactions using the same process.  On this screen you can also document when the patient first learned of their reaction, as well as record any notes that may be pertinent.  Click the “Save” button when you have completed documenting the allergy.

The patient’s allergy will now show up in the allergy list.  Simply follow the same process to add any other medication allergies the patient has.

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