Demonstrating Meaningful Use – Medication List

Chances are, you already ask your patients if they are currently taking any medications, so this requirement will simply be a modification of what you do with that information.  This is a requirement that office support staff can help with just make sure you review their work.

The Medication List is located on the left side of the patient chart.

If the patient is not currently taking any medications, simply check the “No Medications” box.

If the patient is currently taking medications, click the “Add Medication” button to add the patient’s medications to their Medication List.

To begin documenting the patient’s medications click the “Select Medication” button to bring up the medication search.

Begin typing the medication’s brand name or primary ingredient into the search box.  Once you see the medication you are looking for come up, click on its name and click the “Select” button.

Once you have the medication selected, you can include additional information about the patient’s medication, such as who prescribed it, when they started taking it, and any instructions they have been given by the prescriber. Note: a Start Date is required.

Finish entering the remainder of their medications and on subsequent visits, verify that the patient’s Medication List is up to date.

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