Does your office have a contingency plan?

burnt office

Trouble, it always seems to make it’s way into your practice. Whether it’s natural disaster, computer failure, theft, or even patient/staff health issues, they can throw your office routine completely off! Many times these mishaps can negatively affect your resources. You can loose time, money, staff, and new business. A little planning could make life a lot easier. Are you prepared for a disaster in your clinic?

The best Chiropractic offices have contingency plans. Period. If you want to be above your competition, contingency planning is an absolute essential. For example, when a town get’s hit with a natural disaster, there are many people that will need Chiropractic care. Many offices don’t have contingency plans; as a result, they will be shut down for longer periods of time & miss out on potential new business. However, offices that have contingency plans in place will be back in business faster. As it is commonly said, failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Developing a contingency plan is not a difficult process, but requires some thought. Think about your business processes and what resources you need to execute them. Now pretend that you do not have these resources anymore, how will you conduct these processes? For example, what if your office floods or catches fire? What would you use to adjust your patients on? What about your e-stimulation or ultrasound system? How will you have access to your patient records? If they are on paper, will they be destroyed? Do you have backups of these records? If your records are electronic and are stored on your own server? Do you have backups off-site of your patient’s data? And if you do, when was the last time you checked the integrity of your backups?

One way to mitigate risks is to plan for the future of your business. Your contingency plan should include a deadline to switch to a web-based Chiropractic EHR software. A web-based EHR software can eliminate a lot of risks! In case of a natural disaster, you will be able start practicing immediately at another location! Many doctors even work out of their home, and by using a web-based EHR you can easily access your unharmed records.


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