Knowing your target market


All chiropractors have a target market whether they have decided it intentionally or not. Everything about you and your practice is going to attract some people more than others! You need to always search for the balance between appealing to a large enough audience and targeting your ideal patients.

So who is your target market? Start by looking at your current patients. If you use an electronic health records system, such as BackChart, it will be easy to search by gender, ailment, address and age to get actual numbers for your client base. This would be good information to diagram and then discuss with at least one other employee. Then you are left with more qualitative research; all the intangibles. Estimate their income level by considering their age and average incomes in your city. What neighborhood do they live in? What percent pay out of pocket versus through an insurance company for treatment? Some may consider it discrimination to cater to a certain group of people but you have done this by default just in picking your location!

Now that you have an understanding of who your patient is consider how your marketing, services and atmosphere should be optimized for them. Maybe its time to offer a reduced rate for a shorter check up to attract young athletes who need affordable care. Maybe you realize that your elderly patients come in the most frequently for the most expensive treatments. Then it may be beneficial to pick your furniture, wall paper and music accordingly!

Have you considered creating a referral program? Referral programs that provide incentives for current patients are the easiest way to increase growth in your practice. You can also consider giving away a massage, supplements, or a health equipment for your most frequent patients. Finally, utilize the human senses to build your brand recognition & better target your demographic. People love a clean environment with free refreshments. Having some light snacks and tea will remind your current target demographic of their experience; as a result, you will retain them better and they will bring others.


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