Level 5 leadership


What does it take to create an outstanding organization? That is the task that Jim Collins trys to create a formula for in his research intensive best selling book, “Good to Great”. The critical element for success in the organizations he studies was not the team or innovative idea but the leader of the organization. Of course this person helped to grow a great team and business model but it is their characteristics that create a strong long lasting company. Below are the five characteristics of a level 5 leader. How can these characteristics be applied to a Chiropractic Physician running his or her own practice?


  1. Produce sustained results: There are many great leaders who grew their businesses while they were there, but everything fell apart when they left. If you we’re to sell your practice today, how comfortable are you that the practice would continue to have sustained success? Have you developed & implemented the systems & processes demonstrating your effectiveness as a leader, such as practice management & EHR software?


  2. Build up successors: Leaders gain the respect of their employees and coach them to take on more responsibilities. Leaders focus their efforts on building independence among their employees. When was the last time you did a team building activity with your office? As the decision maker, do you get them involved with your purchasing decisions such as an EHR?


  3. Humility: Level 5 leaders are not needy for affirmation and often attribute their success to luck. These leaders will take full responsibility for their mistakes instead of putting the blame on others. When was the last Time you made a mistake? Reflect on how you reacted. What would you have changed?


  4. Responsibility: A great leader takes responsibility even for other peoples failures. When was the last time one of your employees made a mistake? How did you handle it?


  5. Organizational focus: They care more about the success of the company and the jobs of their employees than of their own success. As a chiropractor, where is your focus? A focus on delivering quality patient care & developing happy employees will never do you wrong.

So many skills are needed to be able to accomplish these things. You need to cast vision in a way that makes all your employees feel valued and desire to work hard for your organizations goals. You need to be a great teacher so your employees can grow in their roles and responsibilities. It is a long process to becoming a level 5 leader but you will see personal growth if you apply these points to the situations you encounter during your day!


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