Part 2: Making The Most of Your Patients Sales Funnel

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                  If you have already read part 1 then you should have a sales funnel with rough data on where your patients come from. Now it is time to take advantage of it. You should be able to discern where your best patients come from. This part is a little subjective so think about the amount of time or money that goes into acquiring a new patient. You need to cast a wider net in advertising, online presence and word of mouth marketing to keep your clinic busy!

Your print and other traditional media (advertising) are most effective at reaching a wide audience and making a first impression. For example you can send out a mailer to thousands of homes. You wont reach a lot of people who are willing to set an appointment right away but you can invite them to your website where there is enough information to make them a new patient.

Digital marketing is an efficient way of targeting lots of prospects. It has the advantage of tapping into Google’s billion searches a day and the power to bring in new business . The cheapest way of reaching large groups of people is still email lists. You can reach more people by finding a complementary business who will let you use their contact list, like a nutrients store.

At the end of the day it is the human contact which is most important. The most effective patient sales funnel is always your conversation with someone. For many chiropractors most of their business is from people that they have some kind of connection with. So be intentional when you are interacting with people and talking about your work because networking is the most efficient way increasing your customers. If you want to grow this direct sales part of your clinic consider getting a booth at a conference where you can offer a free 5 minute massage when you can talk to a potential patient.

You have a lot of things to think about now but if you haven’t drawn a patient sales funnel take 10 minutes just to get a rough idea of where your work comes from. You will be more efficient as you focus in on your marketing that provides the highest return. Remember though that the funnel doesn’t really end at the new patient visit because you need to turn that person into a repeat patient and a fan of your practice!

What is the first part of your marketing that you are going to change to bring in new leads?


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