Print VS Digital Marketing

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Every chiropractor wants to know how to market their practice. When there are so many different options for where to spend your marketing dollars how do you pick the right avenue to reach your target market? The decision becomes more difficult when you are most interested in treating your patients and have limited time to put towards marketing.

The easy answer is email marketing. The direct marketing association reported that every dollar spent in email campaigns produced an average of $43.62 ROI!  With numbers like this why would you choose anything else? The truth is that email is just a part of the process. If you don’t have a good website or landing page to link to than email is going to be less effective. Google ad words and search engine optimization can provide significant returns but it is not something to rush into if you aren’t experienced in that realm.  Many EHR systems interface with marketing software like demand force which help with email marketing.  Also, chiropractic EHR systems like backchart have the ability to email patients on information they need to complete such as health history forms, patient demographics, and outcome assessments.  Engaging these patients will help with retention and take your practice to new levels!

So is print really dead? No, definitely not. Print is still the most effective way of reaching people who are not regular internet users. Mailers are also a sure fire way of getting your name out to people in your immediate vicinity. Other resources like billboards or newspaper ads can be great for funneling people to your website where you can “convert” them with targeted content. There is still nothing like having a brochure that someone has in their hand versus a website on their smart phone that disappears back into the internet.

Try focusing on doing a few things well. Many small business owners are wondering if they should get active on social media but it takes a lot of time and strategy before it pays off.  In social media it is important to continuously create relevant content for your target market.  The more frequently you make impressions on potential patients the better; social media is a great way to do this and remind people that you exist.  Lastly, it is most important to have a website and Google places for business account but after that you should market your clinic whichever works best for you and your customers.

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