What are your Practice’s New Years Resolutions?

goalsIts time to make some New Years resolutions! Almost everyone considers what they want to change and improve in their own life at the turn of the new year, so it makes sense that you will make some resolutions for your chiropractic practice!

The key to successful resolutions is the plan. Most people will jot down a few areas they would like to improve on a note which gets lost with all the other paper lying around. So use a big sheet of paper and hang it in your office or somewhere else where you will see it everyday. People frequently procrastinate on projects when they don’t know where to start. So make a detailed action plan, set deadlines and assign team roles for each part. Action plans should always begin with the end in mind & work forward. It is also important to have some accountability! You want to get the rest of your team together to discuss what they think the goals should be and give them incentives for helping each other succeed! Chiropractic office retreats can be a powerful way to bring staff together at the beginning of a new year.

If you are having trouble deciding where to start go with the obvious, “I want to increase our patients & revenue.” then list ways that you could do this such as advertising or adding a patient referral program. One great exercise you could do with a group is to do a SWOT Analysis. Have your staff write down what they believe your clinics Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats are. Brainstorm ways you can leverage your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, be mindful of your threats, and capitalize on your opportunities.

Whatever plan you create will help keep your goals in sight and lead to improvement even if you don’t hit the mark.

Finally, have you thought about making your office more efficient? Electronic Health Record software can significantly help you complete paperwork quicker; as a result, you can see more patients and increase your revenue. There are hundreds of EHR systems on the market. Do your research and find the right EHR for your clinic. Visit backchart.com to learn more about how our software is set apart.

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