Happy Thanksgiving from BackChart

There is plenty to be thankful for this holiday.

There is plenty to be thankful for this holiday.

While it's true that chiropractors have plenty of changes to grapple with in the coming year, these professionals have a lot to be thankful for as well. In honor of the upcoming holiday, we have compiled a list of key points to consider as you break bread this Thanksgiving.

Chiropractors can help improve day-to-day lives

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain and other discomfort that can make seemingly ordinary tasks agonizing. Every day, chiropractors have the opportunity to help their patients achieve relief, often sparing them from complex and costly medical procedures. It is rare to be able to affect someone's quality of life so directly, and that is certainly something to be thankful for. Don't let frustrations over new regulations overshadow that fact.

Health IT really will make things better

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the prospect of chiropractic EHR, combined with the impending onset of ICD-10, but these advancements were ultimately orchestrated for your benefit. Legislators and healthcare professionals identified many of the most frustrating issues that medical practitioners encounter in their daily operations, including difficulty accessing patient health records and the inconsistency of note-taking practices. Now, once you select chiropractic management software that complements your workflow, you can focus more on the aspects of your profession that fulfill you as a physician: Providing the best possible care for your patients.

Your chiropractic EHR provider will be there for you

When you choose the best chiropractic EHR provider, you can rest assured that you won't be tackling the intricacies of ICD-10 and meaningful use alone. Instead, you'll have a whole team of health IT professionals on hand to provide training and technical support.

Finally, the BackChart team would like to thank all of the practices that have let us become a part of their success. We strive to ensure that you have everything you need to provide an unparalleled degree of care for your patients, and we are honored to help you achieve this goal.

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