Quality Training is a crucial factor in successful EHR implementations

Medical professionals struggled with the EHR software at Maine Medical Center due to insufficient training and support.

Medical professionals struggled with the EHR software at Maine Medical Center due to insufficient training and support.

Transitioning to chiropractic EHR can be a time-consuming process, particularly when you're working with overly complex and indiscernible software. Such was the case for the Maine Medical Center, which has put a halt to the implementation of its EHR software after widespread difficulties in its adoption.

According to Healthcare IT News, Maine Medical Center in Portland, which is a part of the larger Maine Health network, went live with its EHR management system in December 2012, and has since suffered substantial financial losses due in part to a lack of effective training with the new system.

Healthcare IT News spoke with one nurse from the medical facility who explained that a number of services were not charged over the course of six months because many professionals simply did not know it was their role to do so.

"The [EHR provider] people failed to mention – and certainly, 100 percent failed to teach – that the nurses and the doctors were supposed to be somehow charging people for everything that we do," the nurse, who was not named by the source, stated. "We didn't realize that we were the ones who were supposed to be charging, and we actually weren't taught how to charge."

The nurse also noted that her colleagues struggled with many other aspects of the EHR software, and continually questioned whether they were performing certain tasks correctly.

The takeaway for chiropractors

This is not the first time that EHR implementation has been cast in a questionable light. Earlier this month, we reported on a study indicating that this transition may result in revenue losses for medical practitioners – though that conclusion was soundly rebuffed by National Coordinator for Health IT Dr. Farzad Mostashari and shortly followed by further research extolling its benefits.

There is no denying that the shift to digital documentation can be challenging, but with an intuitive chiropractic EHR system paired with the ongoing support of a committed provider, you can mitigate many implementation risks. When selecting the best chiropractic EHR system for your practice, be sure to choose a provider who offers comprehensive training for you and your personnel, and will remain on hand should any concerns arise.

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