Chiropractic marketing tips: Capitalizing on social media

So you're on Facebook. How can you use this tool for chiropractic marketing?

So you're on Facebook. How can you use this tool for chiropractic marketing?

If you've already begun the process of online chiropractic marketing, chances are you've already created accounts for your practice on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, among other platforms. However, after establishing your online presence, you may be at a loss in terms of how to actually capitalize on these websites to attract patients within your community. 

Simply opening these accounts will not win you followers overnight. However, if you have followed our advice and established a blog that is regularly updated with quality content, you've already done a lot of the work. Social media engagement is all about sparking conversations. Your blog will provide your with something new to promote on a consistent basis. By addressing issues that are relevant to your customer base—chronic back pain, for example—you may attract members of the community who are more likely to invest in your services.

Of course, though the point of your online presence is to promote your brand, there is a widespread aversion to accounts that are solely promotional. As well as featuring your own blog posts, keep an eye out for relevant news stories and articles that would interest potential clients. Remember, your website and social media accounts should all be working toward one main objection: establishing trust.

People who are considering your practice will probably investigate you online before scheduling their first appointment, so it's important to establish your investment in their well-being across these forums, as well as the extent of your expertise.

In future installments, we'll focus on the importance of keeping a local focus, as this helps ensure that your online presence can actually draw people to your brick-and-mortar practice.

Not sure how to incorporate blog-writing and social media management into an already overloaded schedule? Consider upgrading to chiropractic management software that streamlines workflow and reduces the time you spend wading through paperwork.

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