Is usability prioritized by your chiropractic EHR software provider?

Your chiropractic EHR should make things easier

Your chiropractic EHR should make things easier

There are few innovations that aren't initially opposed or even feared at first, and a game-changer like chiropractic EHR is certainly one of them. With so many conflicting studies regarding the benefits of these digital documents and the government's meaningful use incentive, it's completely understandable for medical professionals to be a bit gun-shy about this shift. 

Chiropractic EHR has the power to facilitate the transmission of vital information to ensure that every diagnosis is an informed one. This software can also bolster patient privacy and help physicians devote more time to clinical hours.  However, not all EHR management systems are created equal. Thus far, usability has not been formally prioritized in the EHR software certification process, resulting in software that is virtually impossible to integrate.

"The current approach to EHR standardization and certification does not address system implementation, usability by clinicians (including integration with workflows), or information integrity," writes Sue Bowman, senior director of coding policy and compliance of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) in a recent piece for the online research journal Perspectives in Health Information Management.

Bowman notes that though overall usability and safety concerns are starting to be incorporated in this process, "certification criteria used to establish eligibility for use in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services EHR Incentive Program [...] are not yet sufficient to ensure EHR-related safety and improve information integrity."

So, what does this mean for medical practitioners who are looking into chiropractic EHR software? Simply that usability is not guaranteed. Without formal regulation, it falls to your provider to make ease-of-implementation a priority – which may partially explain why such a high percentage of professionals find themselves shopping around for replacement EHR. If your software isn't compatible with the day-to-day workflow in your office, you may find yourself investing a lot of time and money in a system that just doesn't provide results. The best chiropractic EHR should ultimately streamline your administrative work while allowing for instance accessibility to essential documentation.

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