EHR adoption facilitates shared immunization data, promotes public health

EHR software makes it easier to access relevant medical data, including vaccination history.

EHR software makes it easier to access relevant medical data, including vaccination history.

Though chiropractic EHR software, once implemented, can improve office workflow, bolster patient privacy and enable these professionals to benefit from a hefty government incentive, some physicians may be wary of adopting these new systems—particularly amid reports that some early adopters experienced a drop in revenue.

Previously on this blog, we have featured research that has countered these findings, positing that EHR adoption may actually offset the rise of health care costs across medical specialties. Now, a new report from the Columbia University School of Nursing has shed light on another benefit of widespread implementation.

According to a press release distributed by the university, the dissipation of immunization data between health care providers and public health agencies via EHR systems can potentially facilitate more efficient and effective care by cutting down on paperwork and preventing the delays that often occur with vaccination data submissions.

"The efficiency offered by automation has significant implications for managing public health, whether it is by informing a local physician on the health of an individual or informing policymakers on health trends within a whole community," explained lead researcher Jacqueline Merrill, RN, MPH, DNSc.

Merrill noted that automating immunization data has proved "so successful that we believe it would be beneficial to retrofit data from the past so it can also be included in the EHR."

These findings are based on the review of 1.7 million records from primary care facilities within the state of New York.

Ready access to this documentation can also benefit chiropractors, as a patient's medical history may shed light on the existing conditions and past injuries that could influence their treatment. In addition, introducing an intuitive chiropractic software system can help professionals who are routinely beleaguered by paperwork streamline their administrative tasks to spend more time with individual patients.

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