Chiropractic marketing tips: Consistency is key for your online strategy

Don't agonize over content ideas. Draw from current events and your own expertise.

Don't agonize over content ideas. Draw from current events and your own expertise.

Previously on this blog, we've focused on the importance of online presence in your chiropractic marketing plan, and how investment here can complement your offline promotional efforts and ultimately drive traffic to your door. These efforts include establishing a blog on your website that features original content that speaks to the questions and concerns of your client pool, as well as reaching out to members of your community via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other forums.

However, setting up these channels is only the beginning. Dr. Patrick MacNamara of Next Generation Chiropractor notes that these efforts are essentially rendered meaningless unless you commit to updating them constantly and consistently. Otherwise, interested parties who seek you out online may be presented with accounts that feel stale and uninviting. Plus, keeping things fresh could also be a boon for your online search rankings as well.

"If you devote the time and energy to start a blog, stay in it for the long run. Don't abandon it and allow the cobwebs to form around your content," Dr. MacNamara writes. "Remember that Google LOVES content. The more you feed it, the higher your blog ranking becomes for certain keywords."

This may sound overwhelming at first, but bear in mind that virtually anything can be an opportunity to create new content. Whether you comment on the latest NFL game and tie it in to back injury concerns, or have just adopted a new chiropractic EHR and wish to advertise its benefits for new patients, take every chance you can to infuse your blog and social media accounts with fresh insight and information. And don't forget to pull on your wealth of chiropractic knowledge for some helpful how-to's. The responsiveness you show in these online forums could well translate offline as well.

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