Can chiropractic EMR boost patient loyalty?

Access to EMR may promote patient loyalty for chiropractors.

Access to EMR may promote patient loyalty for chiropractors.

As the shift to chiropractic EHR software gains momentum across the country, medical professionals considering this transition are undoubtedly eager to glean as much as they can about the potential benefits and risks that this change could entail for their practices. In recent weeks, we've covered various studies regarding the positive impact of EHR implementation on operational costs, patient security and the ease of information transference. Now, results from the EMR Patient Impact Study have indicated that adopting digital records may make medical practices more attractive to prospective patients and ultimately increase their loyalty.

"The study findings clearly indicate a strong link between EMR users and their confidence in the quality of healthcare they receive," said Tamara O'Shaughnessy, vice president of the research and consulting firm Aeffect, in a recent press release. "There is solid evidence that the investment providers continue to make in EMR systems is likely to put adopters at a competitive advantage and yield dividends beyond the expected operational efficiencies—namely it will enhance patient loyalty and satisfaction."

These conclusions were drawn from the responses of 1,000 Americans who took part in an online survey developed and distributed by Aeffect and the creative agency 88 Brand Partners in December 2012. Participants indicated a strong preference for physicians who offered access to EMR. The majority of patients who used these digital records—82 percent—indicated a greater confidence in the overall quality of their care, the source states.

To date, research has indicated that EMR software may help mitigate rising health care costs and promote public health through improved access to medical records. This is one of the first studies to analyze how EMR adoption has affected patients' perceptions of their physicians, and these findings could well encourage those who have not yet invested in chiropractic EMR software to begin the search for a reliable provider. If you're preparing for this transition, keep in mind that quality training, in​tuitive software and an open line of communication with your provider are all crucial aspects of a successful implementation. 

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