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Maintain an open line of communication with your EHR provider.

What comes after EHR implementation?

Just as there will be plenty of work ahead after the switch to ICD-10, medical practitioners can’t simply rest on their laurels after introducing new chiropractic management software, and the best chiropractic EHR providers know this. Read More »

Can chiropractic EHR help private practices?

Infographic: Can EHR Save the Private Practice?

Our friends at Kareo have put together an infographic, “Can EHR Save the Private Practice?” to address a few of the most important statistics regarding chiropractic EHR use among private practices as clearly and accessibly as possible. Read More »

By choosing the best chiropractic EHR software, you can start seeing the bigger picture.

Leverage your chiropractic EHR by choosing the right partner

One cause for consistent contention that industries have struggled with for years is the decision between managing your IT solutions in-house or outsourcing this task to a third party, and an increasing reliance on digital data has only served to fuel this fire.  Read More »